The Leuphana University of Lüneburg accentuates the arts, media, and visual culture. Given this background, the program »Projects with the Creativity Economy« in the framework of the Innovation Incubator Lüneburg aims to make use of the opportunities of a university to strengthen certain parts of the cultural and artistic sector of the northeastern region of Lower Saxony. The different initiatives of this program are organized within two groups of projects: first, KIM, which deals with the production, distribution, and the construction of the value and price of contemporary visual art. Second, MANEC, which focuses on media art and the production of moving images.

KIM presupposes an internal differentiation of the contemporary art market. The project focuses on two of overall four market segments of this distinctive economy of its own kind: on the one hand, young, that is, emerging art, on the other hand, avant-garde art. For each of these subsystems, the project aims to extend existing creative fields and to dynamize them. In this regard, KIM lays particular emphasis on linking the professional art world of the region (artists, curators, collectors, critics and scholars) with the international field. On the level of actors, one of the main intentions is to support artistic producers with particular potential to gain supraregional attention and thus to heighten their chances in the art field.

For this purpose, KIM has launched the Daniel Frese Prize for contemporary art for outstanding artistic projects. The evaluation of the projects occurs through a jury of renowned experts. For the winners, the awards open the opportunity to participate in the exhibition program of KIM. It connects these artistic positions with works of artists with high visibility, art market related research, and the most current thematic discussions. The broad network and high visibility of the participants becomes thereby a basis for improved distribution. Through the mix of artistic and scientific research, publications, exhibitions, workshops with guest lecturers as well as consulting offers, art market and founding relevant processes will be induced in the region, and respective competencies supported and strengthened. KIM realizes overall four exhibitions in cooperation with nationally and internationally networked art institutions in the region. In the first year, the theme »Art Market« will be the main focus of the exhibition as well. In the second year »Sustainability« will be emphasized.

The Innovation Incubator Lüneburg is an EU major project, financed by the European Regional Development Fund and co-funded by the federal state of Lower Saxony.